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     Electronic Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers - upto 2000 KVA

The following products

 Oil Cooled Stabilizer (Capacity 3 KVA to 2000KVA )

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Saliet Features:
Complete IC version
Precise electronic sensing for all trips
Electronic circuits for generator power application
Very High Efficiency No effect of power factor
Suitable for unbalanced input voltage conditions and unbalanced load conditions
Good quality of lamination & copper wires
Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage 300V-470V(Suitable for unbalanced or balanced voltage conditions)
Output Voltage 400+1%(Can be set anywhere between 380V to 415V
Output Regulation +1% of the set voltage over the specified Input range from no load to full load.
Output Wave from Exact Reproduction of the input.
Distortion No wave from distribution introduced.
Frequency 50+3Hz.
No.of phase 2 or 3
Efficiency Better than 95%.(Typically 98%)
Correction Rate 60V/sec,20V/sec/
Effect of Load Power Factor Nill
Insulation Class “B”.
Operational Temperature Operational Temperature
Operational Temperature 110%continuos, 125%for 3 to 5Sec, 300% momentary.
Termination By suitable capacity of Terminal Connectors/porcelain insulated brass studs provided for input and output(four wire).
Panel Controls Output voltage set adjustment, Auto/manual switch, Increase/decrease by spring loaded toggle switch in manual mode, Voltage selector switch, Current selector switch , Emergency bypass(All protections bypass).
Indications Input high, Input  on, Output on, Voltage normal, Output Trip.
Optionals Voltage ranges : custom built designs shall be undertaken, Digital Voltameter/Ammeter, Digital Frequency Indication, Over frequency/Under frequency trip unit, Additional sensing and termination can be provided for Alarm/Hooter, MCC for input (Normally we provide  precise overload output through electronic sensing circuit with contractor ), EMI/RF Filter.
Dimentional Details Dimentional Details

 Three Phase Air Cooled Stabilizers

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We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of Three Phase Air Cooled Stabilizers, which is widely used for various industrial, domestic and office applications. It is manufactured for precise control of output voltage (typically +/- 1%) that increases life of electrical appliances and machines as well as reduces breakdowns & reparation. Further, our range is available in the capacity of 3KVA to 75KVA.

Capacity Model Dimensions in mm
3 KVA ESS-3003 425 X 775 X 550
6 KVA ESS-6003 475 X 475 X 850
9 KVA ESS-9003 475 X 475 X 850
12 KVA ESS-12003 475 X 475 X 850
15 KVA ESS-15003 475 X 475 X 850
22.5 KVA ESS-22503 530 X 480 X 950
30 KVA ESS-30003 530 X 480 X 980
40 KVA ESS-40003 630 X 680 X 1400
50 KVA ESS-50003 750 X 750 X 1500
60 KVA ESS-60003 850 X 900 X 1600
75 KVA ESS-75003 850 X 900 X 1650

 Single Phase 1 KVA to 25 KVA ( Air Cooled Stabilizer)

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Lamp Indications:
» Input High
» Input Low
» Input On
» Output On

Optional Features:
» Digital Volt meter
» Digital Frequency Meter
» Ammeter
» RF Suppressor
» Spike Suppressor
» Manual Start/Stop facility
» Audio Alarm
» Frequency over/under tripurit

Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage Range 170V - 270V
Frequency 50 Hz +/- 3 Hz.
OutPut Voltage 230V – Single Phase (Between 220V – 240V).
OutPut Regulation + 1% of the set output voltage over the specified input. Range from No load to full load.
Output Waveform True reproduction of Input. No distortion intruduced..
Effect of load Power factor Nil.
Efficiency Better then 95%.
Correction Rate 35V/Sec
Control Automatic/manual. In case of Auto Failure, output can be increased or decreased in manual mode.
Servo Motor Rugged a.C. Synchronous Motor.
Meter Analog
AC Voltmeter with selector switch to read Input or Output Voltage.

Capacity Model Dimensions in mm
1 KVA ESS- 1001 17 X 300 X 250
2 KVA ESS- 2001 250 X 300 X 275
3 KVA ESS- 3001 280 X 425 X 275
4 KVA ESS- 4001 280 X 425 X300
5 KVA ESS- 5001 280 X 425 X300
7.5 KVA ESS- 7001 450 X 450 X 400
10 KVA ESS- 10001 450 X 450 X 400
15 KVA ESS- 15001 550 X 575 X 400
20 KVA ESS- 20001 650 X 675 X 500
25 KVA ESS- 25001 650 X 675 X 500