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We manufacture and supply D.C Regulated Power Supplies, which are offered in various models and capacities as per the clients' demands. These help in maintaining a continuous and stable power supply to any equipment. Further, our range also offers flexibility to offer current intensity from zero to maximum.

 D.C. Regulated Power Supplies

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Technical Specifications:
Input: 230V AC + 10%, 50 Hz, Single Phase
Output: Continuously voltage Variable between
0 - 30 V to 0 -60 V DC
Current variable between 0 - 1A to 0 - 30A
Load Regulation: + 0.1% of the highest specified voltage or better
Line Regulation: + 0.1% + 3m V for + 10% variation in mains input
Ripple: Less than 2 m V rms
Protections: a. Protected against short circuit b. Current limit is set by CURRENT Control / Knob
Recovery Time: Less than 100 micro sec.
Panel Controls
Mains On Switch to connect the instrument to mains
Voltage Coarse Adjusts the output voltage by 28/56 Volts
Voltage Fine Adjusts the output voltage by 2/4 Volts
Current Limit Adjusts current limit to maximum
Metering a) Two moving Coil type meters are provided for Voltage and Current seperately. Accuracy + 2% of F.S.D.
b) Digital 3 1/2 digit voltmesh, ammeters will be provided
Mains Indication Glows when mains is available.
Input 3 Pins power chord to connect the Instrument to mains.
Output Red Terminal for positive output.
Black Terminal for negative out-put.
Green Terminal for Chassis ground.